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Guest Rooms:

Furniture restoration is done in the room, which eliminates any guest disturbances and staff interruption. The furniture is cleaned and sanded as necessary, and then a custom stain and or toner is mixed. When it is applied to the damaged areas, it will blend seamlessly with the existing color. Finally a clear finish that is harder than the factory finish is applied for sheen and durability. Generally a standard guest room can be completed in 45 minutes to one hour. The room will be clean and in most cases, can be sold to guests in two hours. This quick turnaround results in little to no down time for the hotel.

Public Areas:


Work in the public areas such as lobbies, dining areas and elevators can be done during off peak times of the day when your guest and staff will not be interrupted.



Modifying armoires is another on site service that allows maintaining the same décor of the room at a fraction of the cost of replacement. It’s not only economical but it reduces unnecessary waste in our landfills. The process involves removing the back, top and reducing the height of the sides and re-attaching the top. Several options and styles are available to suit each hotel’s unique design properties.

From Our Customers

…“Furniture Renewal Service restored our in-room guest furnishings. Steve was very professional, not only to our staff, but most importantly to our guests. Steve’s furniture work is top-notch, making the furniture appear brand new, even the pieces with the deepest scratches. I highly recommend Steve to anyone with furniture restoration needs”…

Cheree’ Slaten
General Manager
Candlewoods Suites
Tuscaloosa, AL

“We have used Furniture Renewal Service to repair and touch-up the furniture in our guest rooms and lobby. Steve was professional, fast and thorough. His work was stellar and I could tell an immediate difference in the guest rooms. More importantly, our guests could tell a difference as well. I highly recommend Furniture Renewal Service. It’s an investment that will make a big difference”….

Michael Ackerman
General Manager
Hampton Inn – Marietta, GA